My Vaillant Eco-Tec Condensing Boiler Show Fault Code F 75

The most frequent error code which appears to show on the Vaillant Eco Tec boiler is F 75.

So what’s F 75, and why has this occurred?

F 75 is a boiler security mode and locks out the boiler in order not to cause some internal damage to the boiler.

This error code isn’t normally because of the boiler being at fault, it is normally down to a outside issue.

When you browse through the Vaillant paperwork, it provides you grounds about why the fault code has shown on the boiler display.

It says the water pressure detector and also the pump are faulty, or potential atmosphere inside the system.

Together with Vaillant Eco Tec mistake codes, the reasons given are only a guide about what to search for, it does not signify that those components at fault and have to be mended.

The most typical cause for your F 75 error code is that the system pressure has fallen below 0.8 pub. For your boiler to operate it ought to have a minimum pressure of 0.8 bar. The standard working pressure once the system is chilly ought to be about 1.2 pub.

The Vaillant Eco Tec includes an integrated water pressure switch that senses the system strain. After the boiler starts up, the inner pump spins and raises the strain around 0.2 pub, the water pressure switch senses this and sends an indication to the PCB to begin the ignition chain.

If the sensor doesn’t feel enough pressure that the boiler will exhibit F 75 and proceed to lock outside.

To overcome this dilemma check the pressure gauge on the boiler, that is situated on the bottom right hand side.

Make sure that the needle is over the crimson zero and is only to the gray area.

Another way to confirm the pressure is visit the boiler screen and press on some of the top four buttons, then you’ll observe the screen light is located on, press on the top right side on the panel, and you must now find a radiator signal, press the exact same button again and it’ll show the pub signal, press and it’ll demonstrate the system strain in electronic.

A number of those newest Vaillant boilers now just come with this form of pressure screen so this is going to be the sole method to inspect the pressure.

If the boiler pressure be right then we need to look at the water pressure detector ? In case the machine has an accumulation of inner sludge, the detector may get blocked and is unable to feel any tension, so the boiler won’t fire.

Vaillant moved the standing of this detector, it utilized located in the base of the boiler, now it’s fitted right beneath the heat exchanger relations across the left hand side.

The reason that they moved it was as it was found in the base, once the boiler was away from the sludge can input the detector and make it block, by transferring it to just under the heat exchanger it stops the sludge.

If you discover you can’t reset your Vaillant Eco Tec afterward the best advise I can give is to contact a regional Vaillant expert, you can locate them around the Vaillant site.

Vaillant boilers in my view are of very good quality and build, but such as any boiler that they will need to be cared for, otherwise they will eventually quit functioning.