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Legend Of The Brofist Apk Download Free

Legend of the brofist apk is available for download with version 1.4.0 for free. With the new apk version on Android, you can play an action-packed game on a 2D platform which is based on the world’s top-ranked YouTubers. The it can be downloaded with obb files. You can also select the location of the obb files and if there is not any location available that you can create a new folder as well for the files.

Legend of the Bofist APK Overview

The Legend of the brofist game is designed by a Canadian company called Outerminds with the game being available on both Android and iOS platform. There are a lot of improvements in the game specifically in the graphics that are being run along with the overall gameplay as well. there are now different brocoins available that you can collect in order to unlock and purchase new characters over the time.

Legend Of The Brofist

The addition of new characters will also determine your defensive and attacking mechanisms as you get the option to unlock your favorite YouTube superstars in the game. Some of the notable YouTube stars that you will find in the list will include the likes of Pew Die Pie, Cinnamon Toast Ken, Markiplier, Jack Septic Eye, and Cryaotic. Apart from the presence of these YouTube stars, there are different voices being provided by the Real Stars as well in the apk version 1.4.0.

The levels of the game include fighting horrible bosses in each level and saving your fans from them. The more you do it the better it is. The difficulty level of the game will continue to increase over the passage of time and you have to cross all the levels at the same time in order to ensure that you are the real King of all Gamers. The fun and excitement of the game will continue to go hand in hand as you unravel new levels and experiences.

You can vote out in weekly events in the game and challenge your friends to beat your score as well. there are bragging rights as well as you show off your score on social media platforms like Facebook. So complete all the quests quickly in order to get the currency quickly and start moving on with the game as the legend of the brofist apk is here.

Legend of the brofist apk Features :

The game legend of the brofist apk is back with different features on Android with 1.4.0 easily available for download for free. Some of the best features that you can get include:

  • Funny music of the game
  • Brilliant 2D graphics that will keep you interested in the game all day long
  • Real-time voices of stars for different characters
  • Different difficulty levels to play and cross in the game
  • Different levels having different bosses that you need to pass in order to move to next stage

The game legend of the brofist apk is compatible with the following Android versions

  • Honeycomb
  • Icecream
  • Jelly Bean
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow